Peter Gladwin Primary School, Brighton and Hove

Promoting British Values

Reception Nativity Play

Reception started our Christmas festivities.  We were so proud of each of the children who created a moving , sometimes funny ‘Whoops a Daisy ‘ Nativity play, leaving very precious memories in the hearts and minds of all of the audience.

Peter Gladwin’s Y4, Y5 and Y6 Carol concerts

We were so proud of Y4, Y5 and Y6 in their Carol concerts. They all sang so beautifully and there was an amazing energy in each of the concerts. Each of our children have worked incredibly hard learning all of the Carols and that hard work certainly paid off. The PGS choir represented Peter Gladwin at the Brighton Centre with 1500 other children from 44 schools in Brighton and Hove. Both the Brighton Centre and the school Carol concert are such special events. Well done to all of the children involved.

Santa Lucia

Swedish students visited the children in assembly and sang traditional songs celebrating the life of Saint Lucia. The students visit PGS annually from the local Swedish school. Santa Lucia Day is on December 13th and celebrates the life of Saint Lucia and light for the longest night of the year. (Under the old Gregorian calendar this was the Winter Solstice).

Children In Need at PGS 

Lots and lots of pairs of crazy socks and crazy tights walked, cycled and scootered to school on Children in Need day on 17th November. Thank you for your continued generosity. We raised an incredible £255.